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Leaders in Training

One of the hallmarks of Why Not’s influence in the lives of youth is our leaders in training (LIT) program. Perhaps nothing brings a greater trajectory shift than helping young leaders develop.

The constant change brought by the latest COVID lockdown gave our new LITs the opportunity to develop their resilience and growth mentality. Against all of the difficulties being faced, they have committed themselves to growing as people and as leaders, and that growth has accelerated!

Our current LITs are truly gifted natural leaders. Through stressful situations they have taken some of their newly-learned skills and traits of leadership, and have started applying them. They are helping their peers navigate the “little fires” that pop up and are beginning to rise above the crowd and setting the example. The speed with which these kids have grabbed hold of their natural leadership abilities leads us to ask the question: How much potential is sitting untapped in the lives of young people? What if today’s youth only need to be given a chance, a platform, and a little bit of direction in order to thrive?



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