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Window of Opportunity for Community Impact

“Wait. Ignore that quote. I have a better one for you,” said Mike Mears to Charlie in a quick phone call after sending over a quote to replace the windows in our century-old building.

A few minutes later, a very different, lower number appeared at the bottom of the quote.

Mike, the owner of West Brant Window World has a huge heart for the community. As an avid Rotarian, caring business owner, husband, and dad, he has a soft spot for the wellbeing of local youth.

When he heard about how we at Why Not have been working on our Facility Facelift Project and that Rotary was stepping up to help, he used his business to take things even further.

Rather than using standard pricing, Mike heavily discounted the windows, and both the Sunrise Rotary Club and the Brantford Friday Rotary Club committed to splitting the cost to replace ALL of the windows on the main floor. How amazing is that?

Both Rotary clubs in Brantford have been an incredible support for Why Not, especially in the past few years. More to come on that in another blog post soon!

The story gets better.

When Mike came to measure everything, he looked up the stairs to our second floor and asked, “How are the windows up there?”

Well, in truth, they were old, single-paned in some places, and even broken in one place in the case of our bathroom.

“Let me take care of that,” he said.

When our team committed to our Facility Facelift Project about a year ago, we never imagined how many incredible community supports would help us to surpass our dreams, not to mention our hopes.

Thank you to Mike, Mike’s amazing team, and the Mears family for supporting our youth in such a cool way.

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