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Will there be children on site?

Yes, some childcare will be provided during programming, e.g. while school or therapy is underway. If a resident goes off site for work or school, outside daycare should be sought.

Do you have mental health supports?

Yes! Moms will have the opportunity to participate in therapy sessions which are provided free of charge. We will also support moms with necessary appointments with outside appointments (e.g. psychiatrist, family doctor) to identify mental health concerns and develop a treatment program. Our weekly well-baby clinic run by a registered nurse will also help with early identification of signs of postpartum depression and other concerns.

Can outside people participate in the programs?

Yes, some of the programs are suitable for outside participation. We will have potential participants go through a short intake process for groups such as Mom to Mom, Education program, Parenting classes, etc.

Can I have visitors?

Registered visitors may attend at specific, non-program times only. Visitors to the house are asked to provide us with a current police check with vulnerable sector screening. Co-parenting partners are encouraged to talk to us about participating in appropriate programs at the house.

Will pets be allowed?

No pets will be allowed to live on site. There is a small dog on the property that belongs to the house mentors and loves to be scratched and cuddled.

What are the rules about substances?

Smoking: Residents may smoke tobacco in the designated smoking area only. Residents may not smoke in close proximity to a baby or child. Smoking and vaping are not permitted outside of the designated smoking area.

Non-prescription drugs, drug paraphernalia, and alcohol are not permitted on site.

Those with current or previous addictions to street drugs must have detoxed before coming to SHYP, having worked with an addictions counselor during that time. We will work with these individuals to come up with an individualized program for maintaining sobriety during their stay at SHYP, which will include ongoing addictions counseling.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the residential program is based on the Board and Lodging allowance from Ontario Works. If you have one child, the cost is $664 per month. If you have two children, the cost is $737. This pays for both your room and your food while you stay at The Elms.

If you are not on Ontario Works or ODSP, the costs are the same as those above. Talk to us about your income situation and how we can make it work for you.

It should be noted that the actual costs for running the house and the program are much greater than the amount shown above. The Elms is subsidized by donations from members of the community whose generosity helps make this program possible.

Who can come?

In this pilot phase of the program, we look forward to welcoming up to four moms generally the ages of 14-25. Moms will all be parenting or preparing to parent newborns, but may also have a toddler up to the age of two upon entering the home.


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