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Karen Stewart

Executive Director, SSW

Robbie Kelly

Youth Worker & Encounter Pastor

Kaitlyn Neven

House Manager, SHYP

Charlie Kopczyk

Founder & Pastor

Darryl Bergen

Youth Centre Coordinator/Volunteer  Manager

Emily Welsh

Placement Student Liaison/Youth Worker, SW

Campbell Stahlbaum

Youth Worker

Michelle Noordam

Youth Worker

Carolyn Freeman

Program & Case Manager, Charlie’s Place

Krista Haluik

Program & Case Manager, SHYP

Karen Noordam

Client Support, SHYP

Laura DeBoer

Client Support, SHYP

Andrea Lisk

Administrative Assistant

Our Team

Our team of youth workers are dedicated to working with our local, vulnerable youth to make sure no one goes unseen or unheard, or gets lost in the cracks. Together we’re working to shift the trajectory of young lives from hardship, addiction and homelessness to stability, purpose and the pursuit of dreams.

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