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Any Reason to Celebrate is a Good Reason

What if you spent your life falling between the cracks? What if, finally, someone saw you, noticed how hard you were working just to keep your head above it all?

And what if they told you? “Kid, I see you there. I see how hard you are working. What’s more, I believe in you. I think you have what it takes, man. You can do this impossible thing.”

And someone else came along and said, “We think you are amazing! You! You’ve got something really special. We celebrate you. We love you. We’ve got your back.”

At Why Not, we do this crazy annual thing called awards night. We celebrate personal growth, sobriety, resilience, personal talents, sunny personalities, faith in the future. We have fun! Basically, we tell the youth, “We see you and we like what we see.”

We believe it makes a difference. What do you think?



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