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Fun Is Remedy, Right?

There’s nothing like a candid photo to serve as a testimonial for a great day. This summer has been a whirlwind of activities. Thanks to more than a dozen sponsors, our youth have had the chance to go zip lining in Elora Gorge, go to Wonderland, and even go to the beach a couple times. On top of that, our Mood Walks program has brought close to a hundred teens on nature hikes throughout the region.

We get asked why we coordinate these things… well, here are the reasons:

  1. The vast majority of them will not get to do these things unless someone helps to make it happen.

  2. Most of our youth have had to leave behind typical teen activities because they are just fighting to survive.

  3. Trips and activities like these can help them to feel normal, take their minds off of their troubles, and gives them memories that will take power away from the bad days.

  4. They are really great kids who deserve the chance to do fun things.

From these trips, we have seen such positive things. For one, we

have seen a steady, powerful decrease in some of the bad choices that often plagues our group. We see kids coming out of this summer inspired and motivated. Their job seeking is passionate, their educational goals are growing, and their choices are more and more positive.

We can’t solve every problem these kids face no matter how much we want to, but we can give them as many tools as we have, encourage them every day, and help them to believe in themselves. We are their community. We are their friends. In some cases, we are their family.

People ask us sometimes how we do it—how we can handle seeing some of the terrible situations our youth experience. Their situations are important, but rather than carrying their burdens on our shoulders, we carry the torch for all that we can do to help them. Change is doable. Helping is easy. Knowing that it’s making a difference? Well, that there is a privilege.



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