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Home Depot Taps Into a Need

We have some incredibly exciting updates about our Facility Facelift Project. We want to share with you a story of the incredible favour we have had during this last year of focusing on our building and optimizing it to better meet the needs of our youth.

And sometimes, people want to partner with you in in monumental and tangible ways to meet the needs of our youth. And this is a story about just that.

Home Depot Brantford is one of those companies that seem to just get it. They see a need, and their hearts come alive for how they can impact their communities through meeting those needs.

The first thing they did? They gave $25,000 to our LIT Program and invested in the leaders of our future.

Now? They renovated an entire bathroom in the youth centre for free.

We just can’t make things like this up. People who showcase this level of kindness exist and are so incredibly selfless and hardworking in their endeavour to see impact and change.

Jessica Bard of Team Depot, talked about how she couldn’t help but to help after seeing the impact of the donation in March.

“I know this Team Depot project in particular meant a great deal to us as well. Youth homelessness is a cause we stand behind at Home Depot and fight to put an end to. When we were given the opportunity to present the $25,000 Home Depot Canada Foundation cheque to you all in March, us at the store level were inspired to do even more! We wanted to make a difference f

or these youth and with that came a complete bathroom renovation. While doing the project, we crossed paths with some of them in the hallway. The most rewarding part was to see their facial expressions and excitement upon realizing they’re receiving a new bathroom. At that moment, I knew I had made that difference.”

And, it really did.

Jim Mackintosh, the store manager for Home Depot Brantford, has also been such an impactful person in our little community. He has been such a pioneer in meeting tangible needs through transforming spaces.

“Taking care of young people in crisis has to be a communities’ priority, and your group sets a very high standard! We all loved every minute of this project. Our team of volunteers all stepped up, and not one person had to be persuaded to help! I am so proud of the accomplishment, but even more proud to be a small part of such an amazing group of “humans”, as you say!”

This team of people are seriously incredible.

Home Depot, thank you for being a light in our community, and reminding people that impact and is possible, and that it is powerful.



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