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New Vision for the Future

On November 11, 2019 Liam was hit by a taxi here in Brantford. The taxi driver ran over Liam’s glasses as he drove away.

With an eyesight prescription of -4.25 and -4.50, Liam is legally blind. Without sufficient income to replace the glasses, Liam had gone three months without glasses when we at Why Not became aware of what had happened and stepped in.

Because of COVID and a death in Liam’s family, the appointments we made suffered multiple cancellations and delays until TODAY… we took Liam to pick up his new glasses!!

Just like proud parents, what a thrill we felt when Liam put on his glasses and could see again!

We are so proud of all our youth and their resilience. From helping them with school pathways, to OW, to housing, to celebrating sobriety, to community involvement, getting their ID, and sourcing health solutions, we are behind our kids all the way!



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