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Our First Camping Trip!

After a long 18-months of pandemic life, we knew we needed a new, exciting way to finish the season strong, to encourage those heading back to school, and celebrate those who have officially graduated from our drop-in centre services. With the backing of our wonderful community (YOU!), it all came together this September with our first Why Not Camping Trip.

On a Friday afternoon, we headed 3 hours north to the trees and rocks of beautiful Huntsville. The youth were very excited and a bit anxious as this adventure was farther from home than a lot of them had ever been. We settled in late Friday night with a good old fashioned campfire and smores. You can probably imagine how late a night it was with 20 very excited teens enjoying the fire, talking, and admiring the star-studded sky.

Saturday was a whirlwind, filled with breakout sessions as we explored our theme of living with PURPOSE and new activities; rock climbing, archery & high ropes. These activities brought anxiety and uncertainty, but our youth persevered! Everyone tried something new, and it was heartwarming to hear them affirming their accomplishments and encouraging their friends as they learned new skills and overcame obstacles.

As we wound down our weekend on Sunday, the atmosphere was a blend of high from the great day before and sadness of heading back to reality. On top of our amazing weekend, we received wonderful feedback from the camp staff who hosted us! Imagine how proud we are!:

“It was such a true pleasure to have Why Not Youth Centre Youth with us this past weekend. I have heard excellent reports from our staff regarding care of equipment and our Dining Room Supervisor said that they were the best group she has ever had! Your group has blown our staff away! I have never heard such rave review about a group from all departments. Please tell the youth how much we loved having them with us and they are welcome to apply to work here as Spring, Summer and Fall staff.”



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