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The Arts in Healing

At Why Not, many of our youth really love the arts. Whether it’s painting or crafting, or writing lyrics and creating music, the arts seem to really draw the youth in.

We have noticed that when the youth are engaged in creating, they are more relaxed and less anxious. Interestingly, this lines up with psychological research, which has shown that the process of creating art actually helps people cope with their depression or anxiety. It can also reduce stress and promote relaxation. It doesn’t seem to matter how much skill you have, it’s the creating that actually helps.

In a similar way, writing about stressful experiences can improve mental health because it helps people to find meaning or to grow from past trauma. Sharing that writing can also be a profound way to unlock its healing power.

Armed with these observations and research, we are intentionally creating space for the youth to go all-in with their chosen creative outlet. Here’s what we have on the go:

  • Almost finished: a NEW professional-level recording studio so the youth can create and share their stories through music and lyrics

  • Two popular groups led by local pros who are volunteering their time:

    1. Group guitar lessons with Johnny Nixon

    2. Art club with Jake Bowen

We can’t wait to share their unique creations with you. As the saying goes, stay tuned!



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