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The Power of Relationship: The Why Not Mission

Our newly-articulated mission at Why Not Youth Centre is to Empower Youth Through Relationship. Our strategy is to Engage-Equip-Empower-Establish.

Often when youth first enter our doors, they are in a “survive” mindset. The ability to plan or set goals is dramatically affected by their circumstances. We begin by engaging with them relationally. As we get to know them, we can then equip them by working together to remove barriers such as access to resources, education, employment, housing, identification and so on.

As youth overcome barriers and start to believe in themselves and in these relationships, they are empowered to own their future. Our role then is to celebrate successes, help recover from setbacks, and to continue to build trust and hope. Ultimately, the youth – now a young adult – is established in their adult lives with a plan and on the trajectory to achieve it.

Why Not is a place where youth come not just to hang out but to be seen and known. It’s our belief that nothing impacts our youth more than the positive relationships such as those they build at the youth centre. These relationships truly empower our youth to take the next step. If we are doing our job right, more and more of Brantford’s youth will have the support they need to THRIVE within their potential and purpose (hint: that’s our vision).



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