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The Tale of a Christmas Blanket

This past Christmas, thanks to you, every one of our youth received a fuzzy blanket. They all love them, but let me tell you about one particular youth and their blanket.

This youth has had struggles I am not at liberty to name. Suffice it to say, life has been hard in every single way you can imagine, and then in some you could not. Especially since Christmas, this youth has been in temporary shelter, on the streets, at risk, victimized and more.

Through it all, this youth has had their Christmas blanket. We recently picked them up off the streets and all they had with them was their Christmas blanket. They lost their coat along the way and left all their other belongings behind, but not their blanket.

With their blanket, they started a new journey of detox and safety. With their blanket, they are making scary phone calls on their own (because… COVID…) to clinics and making connections with other strangers who are promising to try to help.

Because of you, this youth has something to help them feel safe. A warm, fuzzy blanket that gives them strength and courage to do scary things.

Never underestimate the power of a simple gift.

Thank you for giving.

Thank you.



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