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Going Deep

This past fall, we started up several “deep groups.” These help kids go to deeper levels of relationship, deeper within themselves, deeper conversations… all to help them thrive! Quit Club, Guys group, and groups with a spiritual focus have been a game changer for a lot of our kids. We have seen healthy friendships form, steps taken to identify and remove negative habits, goals set and movement towards those goals.

They say that a single caring adult invested in the life of a young person can be enough to change the trajectory of their life, and we are seeing that play out! Equally important are the friendships being forged. Creating a safe space where kids can be real, encourage each other, and challenge each other to grow, has seen some beautiful friendships develop and mature – a key to helping these kids Thrive! That is what these groups are all about: taking kids who have been in survive mode for so long, and helping them to let go of the baggage, overcome the challenges, grab hold of their purpose – and thrive!



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