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You. Are. Amazing.

Do you know that you are wonderful? And so important??

2020 has given us some real challenges at Why Not. The needs that we deal with daily haven’t gone away. Instead, they’ve changed and grown and in response we do our best to dig deeper and reach farther and higher to try to make sure that our youth are going to be okay.

Some days, we feel tired.

If I’m being honest, some days we can even be a little overwhelmed.

And wouldn’t you know it, it’s on those days that more often than not, YOU step up! You “like” or comment on a post with words of encouragement. You drop by the centre with boxes of food for the pantry or brand-new Christmas gifts. You click a link and purchase bus passes for our new students. You drop off a cheque. Volunteer. And when you’re not sure, you send a PM asking what the current needs are and how to help.

You. Are. Wonderful.

Each one of these interactions is so valuable to us. As staff, it signifies so much more than a donation or a social media “like”. It means we are not alone in our fight for these youth. Our community – our wonderful Brantford-Brant community – loves our youth and is fighting with us to impact their lives.

On this #givingtuesday, I want to thank you for that. For caring. For giving. For having our backs.

For being wonderful.

On behalf of the Why Not staff, thank you.



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